"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

27 February 2011

and this is what i want to say

it isn't about sex. it isn't about sexuality. it isn't about rights. it isn't about winning. it's about the simple act of liking who you like.

it has nothing to do with body parts. it has nothing to do with specifics. it has everything to do with that person you like. you like someone for inexplicable reasons. the way they laugh, or move, or talk to other people. you like the music they like. you like how they're interested in some certain topic. you just like them.

it has nothing to do with anything other than that. it breaks my heart to see people who still can't come to terms with their own sexuality. it breaks my heart to see a world where it is okay to say the "f" or "d" word, and where people, kids, think its funny. it's "so gay." it's "laughable." the thing is, as i was watching about 20 to 30 high school kids perform in their talent show last night, the spotlights on them..it was gorgeous. it was the most beautiful thing. the boy with his piano, the girl with her fingerless gloves and broadway song, girl groups with their guitars, boys tektonik dancing...the jocks or meatheads jeering in front in cliche fashion did not matter---it did not matter. because it was about the kids on stage and their song, their dance, their art. right then i got it.

21 February 2011

ann arbor in one week, baltimore in two!

Been in the same place for too long. gotta go explore. Whee! i'll try to take a camera and actually take pictures.

17 February 2011

preachy message for today

....where i'm speaking to you, instead of about myself.

do what you love. and fuck the rest.
this is the message of little miss sunshine. and sorry if that is a spoiler for you. but if you haven't seen this film already, why didn't you? it's a can't-miss. the message of the film is this simple message. it tells you to get out and do what you'd like to do. don't question. don't spend hours, days, thinking and wondering and pensando because in the end, you kind of already know what you enjoy. especially if you experiment and fail and try again. especially if you try a bunch of things and you slowly find your way into a niche, or groove. do what you love...and fuck the rest. in the end it doesn't matter. not really. it matters to you..it matters to your heart, and your feeling of completion--whether you really went after what you wanted or not. and it matters whether you were good to the people you loved, and who loved you. and that's it, man. there's no big secret. there's no big unveiling where mysteries unfold. that's the irony of it: it's all already right here. here's the secret. give out love. even as it hurts you. even as it pains you to give a little bit more. be fair. but be giving. in the end, this will be most rewarding. love until it hurts, and then love a little more. this will save you. you know what i mean?

"the world you cannot change
calm your violent soul
all you can do is another person good."

11 February 2011

gettin restless

So I have resolved to write every day now. Let's see how long this lasts. I don't feel like anything is happening lately. I feel bored. I should feel grateful for everything I have right now--and I do. Seriously. I have great friends, the comfort of having been here for awhile now, great classes, and financial stability. But what is the point of all of this? I find myself asking that on a regular basis. Do you ever wonder this? Is it indicative of nothing going on for me, do you not feel this way? Is life a lot of little tiny miracles? Or mostly without miracles, those happening only once in awhile? I think I just have cabin fever and need to take a trip somewhere to get inspired again.

Okay. I need to shape up and make changes. One thing I've noticed is that out of my goal list created around four to five years ago, I've met quite a few of them in one way or another. Hence: need new goals!! I'll need to work on this list in private and then "publicize" it...

10 February 2011

get a tattoo?

Interrupting my comedy-watching to write, I realize that often why I feel impatient is because I feel this incessant need to create. I'm sitting here in my room completely comfortable, except I don't know and can't decide if what I want is to read a book, watch a movie, watch some funny tv, or just kinda lay here some more and rest. Yet I don't know what to create. I lack direction. What is so important to me that I want to create something about it? Well, love, yes, but that's hurt me quite a bit in the past year. So what else? How I feel for Haiti? For New Orleans? They say we choose whether to feel loved or not. It is a choice. Maybe I have been choosing not to feel loved, appreciated. I'm ready to graduate. Ready to move on. Not because I don't like the college life, especially the friends aspect. But because I'm ready to do something that doesn't involve classes (at least me in the student role) but me out in the real world doing something. Feeling on at least some days like I'm doing something. Something positive. I don't have to make waves, just ripples. Well, that is kind of a lie about the way I truly feel so...hrm. But I don't expect much. Just maybe someday to win the affection of a kid the way my teachers, professors, and mentors have secretly won mine.

07 February 2011

norwegian wood

Norwegian Wood (a novel by Haruki Murakami) is becoming a film. I found this out yesterday and am very excited to see this. It's a beautiful novel, (though I could say much more on it) and the film will come out from a lesser known film group in Japanese language with English subtitles.

I like how the trailer is short, sweet, and The Beatles song is playing while you can hear the protagonists speaking in Japanese.