"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

17 February 2011

preachy message for today

....where i'm speaking to you, instead of about myself.

do what you love. and fuck the rest.
this is the message of little miss sunshine. and sorry if that is a spoiler for you. but if you haven't seen this film already, why didn't you? it's a can't-miss. the message of the film is this simple message. it tells you to get out and do what you'd like to do. don't question. don't spend hours, days, thinking and wondering and pensando because in the end, you kind of already know what you enjoy. especially if you experiment and fail and try again. especially if you try a bunch of things and you slowly find your way into a niche, or groove. do what you love...and fuck the rest. in the end it doesn't matter. not really. it matters to you..it matters to your heart, and your feeling of completion--whether you really went after what you wanted or not. and it matters whether you were good to the people you loved, and who loved you. and that's it, man. there's no big secret. there's no big unveiling where mysteries unfold. that's the irony of it: it's all already right here. here's the secret. give out love. even as it hurts you. even as it pains you to give a little bit more. be fair. but be giving. in the end, this will be most rewarding. love until it hurts, and then love a little more. this will save you. you know what i mean?

"the world you cannot change
calm your violent soul
all you can do is another person good."