"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

12 July 2011

denver post 2

By now we only have a few days left in Denver and then it's back off to our respective home states. It's been an amazing trip. Truly. If you've ever had an interest in coming out to Colorado, I highly suggest it! It's always been a dream of mine to come out here and maybe even make it a regular vacation spot. I love everything about it! It's fresh, nature-y, environmental, and there are many, many places to explore. For another trip out west, I'd like to go to either Arizona or California. But Colorado is definitely more than enough, even if your tastes are different from mine.

Today, I got a facial here in the city. First facial evahhhh! It was nice. And it makes you feel really relaxed!! I don't have the money to make this a regular thing. But it was definitely cool to try out and especially on vacation. Tonight we head to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater to see an outdoor movie. Kind of like a drive-in, but in the reddish canyons of a nearby park! Very exciting, yes? Well, we are certainly excited. We haven't quite decided what to do tomorrow, but my vote is for some kind of museum or something.

I feel this vacation has given me exactly what I needed. 1) clarity. vision to see inside what i really want and who i really am. 2) quality time with my best friend. much needed! two weeks is not even enough! it's really been great to be able to have so much quality time. and 3) pampering! everyone needs a little pampering every now and then.

We may also try to fit in one more hike before we go. We'll see!

08 July 2011

boulder post 2

Since arriving in Boulder I've been a crab. I've been completely ungrateful about this lovely trip I'm on and instead have been occupying my mind with the worries of gosh knows what, giving in to nervousness about uncertainty and not appreciating what's right in front of me. Tomorrow this changes. There is no way this is okay with me. I need to engross myself in the stories of others. The lives of others. In fact, I am going to go ahead and banish all other thoughts out of my mind besides getting into the stories of others.

Time to read. Time to learn. Time to give up everything I thought I was and everything that I think everyone needs. Time to just exist.

boulder post 1

Guess I fell asleep a little too soon for a couple nights in a row. Back to the blogging--we white-water rafted! Both for the first time, and it was fantastic. The water, splashing on us so cold but refreshing, felt amazing and we both wanted to stay out there on the rapids (read: creek) to raft all day long! We do have pictures--like legit pictures, taken by a real photographer--which we purchased so we get to load those soon. :) Today we arrived in the Boulder area but we haven't yet seen the city. That comes tonight. We spent a large portion of the day hanging out at the local sushi place, talking and of course eating. Either tomorrow or the next day we tackle the nearby areas of the national park. Shall be exciting, probably, and now we have more experience in preparing for a longer hike. Our hotel here is nice and we are lapping up the luxury--but to be honest, I already miss the hot springs and being able to jump in a warm pool at a moment's notice. Visiting a hot springs in the southwest is definitely something I want to continue to do in my future. It's truly relaxing and makes me grateful to be able to soak up that relaxation.

I've been a little off today, and I guess yesterday, and I'm not sure why that is but I feel a little off center. I need to get back on point quick and be grateful for everything that is in front of me. I am grateful, I mean, but I want to get back on center. I think I'm feeling the weight of not knowing what kind of job I'll have when I return back to the states--it's been feeling like it's looming over me and I know this is something a lot of other graduates are facing as well. I guess all we can do is be brave and have a little faith and hope for lady luck to be on our side. In the meantime I'll try my best to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. :)

05 July 2011

rocky mountain post 2

Today we set off on our adventure to a new location and it has been quite interesting. Highlights have included being extremely surprised about our location for this adventure, meeting some rough and tough Colorado locals, and being able to soak in pools for hours. The types of people you can admire are the types who are tough, you know? We met this older woman today who at first didn't seem to take an interest or even maybe a liking to us but after awhile seemed to soften a bit and talk to us more. She is quite a bit older and still running this mom-and-pop style diner restaurant, a tinier place that looks more like your grandparent's kitchen if they've lived in the Colorado Rockies for most of their lives. Turns out, she's originally from Michigan, yet another Colorado transplant we've found along the way. She seems to run the town, in a way, or at least remain deeply connected to the lifeblood of the area. She told us to wake up really earlier to go this high peak at dawn. I want to, really, I do, just for the joy of sharing the story with her later in the afternoon, but I don't know if we'll be able to make it up in time tomorrow morn. We might have to save it for the next day.

Last night we stayed up chatting for hours even after coming back from the bar. We stayed up so late that it was hard to get up in the morning to check out from our place in Denver. But we got to discuss meaty topics, tougher topics that seemed to lose their weight as the hours grew lighter into the morning, and we were able to figure things out much easier than normal.

04 July 2011

denver post 1

Literally STEWING right now!! Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a few customers before us in the coffee shop, according to the baristas, and if I hadn't insisted on first going to the indie craft shop, we would have been here with him!!!! AHHHHHH an amazing, award-winning actor famous for doing whatever roles he pleases (Savages, The Big Lebowski, Magnolia, Almost Famous, Along Came Polly) and WE MISS HIM BY TEN MINUTES. Oh my goodness.

Okay. I think I can get over it. Ask me by the end of the day.

Sipping coffee now. Both of us are slightly sore and a little sunburnt, but don't get me wrong, this is not a bad thing! Today is hot and sunny and we were planning on going to the Zoo and Botanic Gardens before we realized it is the fourth of july...(at least for most of the country) and these public venues are not open to the...public. So, restructuring of plans. Happy Hour. Since it's Monday. That's about all we got.

Tomorrow we leave for Colorado Springs. We'll be back in Denver, so no need to cram everything in, but Denver is definitely a much larger city with more to do than Colorado Springs. Yet, even though we both appreciate the big city in a major way, there are things in Colorado Springs that are really interesting depending on what you like to do. They have the Air Force Academy there, which is open to the public and you can tour, and is apparently architecturally interesting. There is also the nearby Garden of the Gods, which is what is most referenced when talking about "what to do" in Colorado Springs. So, we will most likely try to visit both of these, along with our hot springs trip.

Colorado is a great place to get away to and for lovers of the environment and outdoors it is perfect. Your enthusiasm builds for hiking, biking, cycling, walking, mountaineering, and more. I love it here and wish I didn't have to leave, in a way. But of course there are absolutely wonderful people waiting for me at home in Michigan and I miss them very much. :) I already know we will be back to Colorado in the future. It's so perfect here, in a lot of ways.

I've had a lot of time to think and a lot of room to breathe, figuratively speaking. I've been reflecting a lot on my friendships and on friendship in general. I think I've learned a lot about myself this year. It may be in a more lasting way. Before, when I would have issues with friends or anything similar it's like, I would learn about that situation or what was going on but not necessarily take away lasting lessons. Before, it was like "Oh this person is like this" or "oh, this happened" and then that was it. That lesson belonged to that moment, that person, or my relation to that person. Now, I'm finally engaged in lessons that will teach me for the longer term. I think that's a good thing.

03 July 2011

rocky mountain post 1

So I'm in Colorado, and it is, I believe, our third day here. So far it's been really and it's been especially because Colorado is exactly what I expected it to be. A lot of people keep stressing that Boulder is fun (especially if you're still close to college age) so I'm excited to see what that's like, but Denver is already suiting me just fine. Today Deirdre and I went on a hike that lasted about three to three and half hours, covering about 5 miles of Rocky Mountain territory. It was one of my goals for the trip to start out at a 4-6 mile half day hike, and perhaps work up to a longer 9-10 mile hike. So, we reached a goal! Yay. :)

I'm waiting for her to freshen up, then it's my turn, then we head out for the night. We kind of were thinking "Oh, we wish we had gone to the beach" before we got here, but now that we're here, it just seems right, you know? We have our own car for the time being, a bad-ass truck actually ;) and it is taking us everywhere we need to go. I'm a bit over budget, and by a bit, I mean quite a bit...but that's part of the adventure. In two days we go to a hot springs area. I didn't even know these existed until Deirdre mentioned she wanted to visit and perhaps stay at one. Now, we are booked! And it looks pretty awesome. But honestly, there is nothing better than going out into the mountains and challenging yourself and getting to see cool sites at the same time. We got matching Camelbaks and if we hadn't, I'm not sure we would have been hydrated out on those mountains today. It was the perfect amount of water and so nice not to have to carry a bottle or something similar. Anyway!

Last night we ate in this adorable cafe that is here in the city. I think it's one of my favorite restaurants ever. It's so alternative, some would say "hipster" but in fact it's too real and too authentic to be hipster. There are like stuffed tigers pouncing out of neon rings, african woman headlamps (i don't know how else to explain it, sorry if that is offensive?), and fake palm trees covering the area. All of the waiters and waitresses are tattooed and down to earth and they serve organic healthy fresh food and local IPAs. Love it. Absolutely love it.

I'll write more later!