"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

27 April 2011

Down with the TN Law, and F*CK H8

I have to say something about what has been going on lately. So, the Tennessee State Senate passed a bill that bans the words "homosexual" and "gay" to be said in all public schools. This means you cannot literally say either of the two words from preschool, elementary school, middle school onwards. Including in sex education classes in high school, when you will be discussing everything but this (Though I bet you they'll have to revise their little sections on the "predominance" of the AIDS virus). You literally. cannot. say. the words. out loud.

This is so messed up. This is why two years ago, I decided that the Day of Silence is a load of crap and the last thing the movement needs to be doing is dedicating a day to silence. Yes, it is in order to raise awareness but at what cost? Lying down yet again and just..taking what they throw at us? That's why the movement is only going slowly but surely. We need more spark-starters, go-getters, people like the F*CK H8 campaign who say "enough is enough" and "f*ck hate." We are done lying down, we are done "just taking it," and these things are NOT okay. It is not okay that just last year, there were at least four publicly broadcasted suicides that had to do with sexual orientation and identity. There is not enough movement and not enough support for this issue, because people become entangled in political mind-warping and let "what-if's" get in the way of standing and simply refusing to believe that any of this is okay. None of it is.

On top of the Tennessee state law, this same week, a transgender woman was harrassed and then beaten inside of a Baltimore McDonalds, and the workers there did nothing to stop the harrassment nor the beating.

This is the culture we live in. A culture where everyone looks around to everyone else with dumbfounded looks on their faces instead of immediately acting. This is because we still do not know what exactly to do and frankly, if we need to do anything about.

We do. There are children everywhere who are growing up gay, pan (queer, etc), or trans who wonder if they are even worth anything as human beings simply because of the way their biology is made up and because of the way they were born. They question what they can do, if they will be good enough, they ask why they were made that way instead of simply celebrating the other facets of their identity and the whole of their person. And other people around them? They solidify this for these kids. They tell them, by way of no action or by way of negative action, that these kids SHOULD question themselves. They SHOULD ask if they're worth anything. They should feel less, because their parts, their biology, and their ways of being are subordinate and inferior to others. And as kids...they tend to believe what they're told. Even adults struggle with this. Struggle with being who they are because everyone around them is either participating in these negative actions, or saying nothing at all. Worst is when people say nothing because they fear "being labelled as gay themselves." News flash: You are not a true Ally to the movement if you cannot simply speak up for the good of gays without worrying "oh my goodness, what if they think I'M gay??" So what if they do?

So what if they do?