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03 July 2011

rocky mountain post 1

So I'm in Colorado, and it is, I believe, our third day here. So far it's been really and it's been especially because Colorado is exactly what I expected it to be. A lot of people keep stressing that Boulder is fun (especially if you're still close to college age) so I'm excited to see what that's like, but Denver is already suiting me just fine. Today Deirdre and I went on a hike that lasted about three to three and half hours, covering about 5 miles of Rocky Mountain territory. It was one of my goals for the trip to start out at a 4-6 mile half day hike, and perhaps work up to a longer 9-10 mile hike. So, we reached a goal! Yay. :)

I'm waiting for her to freshen up, then it's my turn, then we head out for the night. We kind of were thinking "Oh, we wish we had gone to the beach" before we got here, but now that we're here, it just seems right, you know? We have our own car for the time being, a bad-ass truck actually ;) and it is taking us everywhere we need to go. I'm a bit over budget, and by a bit, I mean quite a bit...but that's part of the adventure. In two days we go to a hot springs area. I didn't even know these existed until Deirdre mentioned she wanted to visit and perhaps stay at one. Now, we are booked! And it looks pretty awesome. But honestly, there is nothing better than going out into the mountains and challenging yourself and getting to see cool sites at the same time. We got matching Camelbaks and if we hadn't, I'm not sure we would have been hydrated out on those mountains today. It was the perfect amount of water and so nice not to have to carry a bottle or something similar. Anyway!

Last night we ate in this adorable cafe that is here in the city. I think it's one of my favorite restaurants ever. It's so alternative, some would say "hipster" but in fact it's too real and too authentic to be hipster. There are like stuffed tigers pouncing out of neon rings, african woman headlamps (i don't know how else to explain it, sorry if that is offensive?), and fake palm trees covering the area. All of the waiters and waitresses are tattooed and down to earth and they serve organic healthy fresh food and local IPAs. Love it. Absolutely love it.

I'll write more later!